Woke up to a toasty 0 degrees but charged up to 10 by midday

First full day exploring Cataract Gorge walked the loop track of the Gorge coming back via Zig zag and over Knights Bridge , stopping at vantage points mainly sketching the swirls and patterns from the floods and finding my way around the Gorge. Observing what the light was doing at different times, some lower tracks where closed and duck reach was closed due to floods still. Spectacular rapids raging through the dolomite cliffs getting louder as I approached the first Basin and the suspension bridge.

Went out after Tea and sound sampled the birds, wildlife (and nightlife) and worked on some night painting on the ipad, A wonderful surprise to see some spot lighting on the gorge making the dolomite cliffs pear out of the darkness and the white rapids almost seem luminescent.